1,90 m tall, friendly atmosphere, big smile, based after three years again in DD (GER) and the need to create something small for a better society.
You can find my CV at linkedin - otherwise it would be doubled here. I am happy if you like my work and/or are interested in a workshop. I love to share knowledge with people: No matter if workshops for Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, CAD programs (e.g. freeform modeling, Alias, Icem, Solidworks), rendering (VRED, Arnold, Redshift), Game Engines (Unity) or a tutorial for the process of a design or web development - in short for "work processes" and the perfect "pipeline". At the moment I am a doctoral researcher in the research training group 2323 "conducive design for CPPS" until 2021 and am not interested in any other job.  But if you have an interesting project to support children & young people in the field of education or are organizing a workshop - write me :)